Beaver Builder Review

One of the many reasons why WordPress is the most used Content Management System in the world is that it provides the possibility of being integrated with plugins.

One of the plugins you’ll certainly need to build your website is a page builder.

In this Beaver Builder review, we decided to discuss one of the most reliable page-building tools on the market.

Beaver was first launched as a WordPress plugin in 2014; since then, it has been updated many times and this has earned it the reputation of being reliable with updates too. If you want to make web design easy, you’ll need Beaver!

Are you curious about why we consider it so awesome? Keep on reading our Beaver Builder review!

Beaver Builder Review
Beaver Builder Review


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Beaver Builder Review – what is Beaver?

Beaver Builder Review - what is Beaver?
Beaver Builder Review – what is Beaver?

There are two important things to know about Beaver Builder. 

The first is that it is a WordPress plugin. Plugins aren’t only simple additional features to WordPress, they can be real and complex software, just like in this case with Beaver Builder.

Furthermore, being a WP plugin, you won’t be able to use Beaver anywhere else: you need a website with WordPress installed.

The second important thing to know is that Beaver is a visual web page builder with a drag and drop system.

This means that, first, you are able to see what are you doing at any moment and, second, that building your web pages will be extremely easy.

Beaver Builder is also suitable to design web pages for mobile devices.

As you may already know, when you design a website you need to be aware that, when a user will access the website from their smartphone, everything in your website will be rearranged because of the smaller dimensions of the smartphone.

You can leave the rearrangement to chance. Beaver Builder lets you switch between desktop and mobile designing, and the mobile builder is just as advanced as the desktop once.

It didn’t use to be like this in the past. The Beaver mobile builder wasn’t as good as the desktop: the company was able to fix this issue and provide an advanced tool for mobile design too.

This is proof of how Beaver is always developing and updating its features to provide the best service possible.

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Beaver Builder Review – Why Choose It?

First of all, you should consider what Content Management System you are using or willing to use.

If that’s WordPress, then you can consider integrating it with Beaver. From another point of view, if you want to use Beaver, you need to pick WordPress as your CMS or switch to it if you have another one.

That said, Beaver is suitable for both amateurs and professionals. Professionals always appreciate the possibility of speeding up their process with advanced tools.

Amateurs will need Beaver Builder to design a website that is professional-looking and working.

The thing is that making a website, or a single web page, with Beaver is extremely easy: this opens up a wide range of opportunities for everybody, even those with zero experience in web design.

Beaver Builder Review – Plans and Pricing

Beaver Builder Review - Plans and Pricing
Beaver Builder Review – Plans and Pricing

Beaver Builder provides three different plans. They are all yearly plans with a peculiarity: the first-year costs more than the following (usually, companies offer discounts on the first year, instead here it happens the contrary!).

From the second year on, you’ll get a 40% discount on the fees we’re indicating down below.

The following are the available plans.


With the Standard plan you can use Beaver Builder on unlimited websites and you also get access to Premium Modules and Templates.

However, you always have access to the support service for 1 year.

The price for the standard plan is $99 for the first year. After that, the plan will be renewed yearly with a 40% discount on the fee.


With the Pro Plan, you can use Beaver on unlimited websites, and you have all the features included in the Standard plan plus the possibility of creating personalized themes (access to the Beaver Builder Theme).

The price for the Pro plan is $199 for the first year. After that, the plan will be renewed yearly with a 40% discount on the fee.


With this plan, you’ll get everything you’d get with the two previous ones, but you get Multisite Network Settings and white labeling.

The price for the Agency plan is $ 399 for the first year. After that, the plan will be renewed yearly with a 40% discount on the fee.

Free Demo Mode

Before you purchase the Beaver Builder services, the platform gives you the possibility of trying their demo mode. Just on their website and click on the Demo bar.

Here, you can try all the Beaver features for free but you won’t be creating your website: this is only a demonstration.

You can play with all the features and see how the platform works.

If everything works fine and according to your needs you can purchase the service and start building your website.

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Beaver Builder Review – Main Features

WordPress Plugin

Beaver Builder is a WordPress plugin. You can’t use it on other platforms or on its own.

Drag and Drop Editor

Beaver is a drag and drop editor that makes the process of web design extremely easy. 


Beaver provides templates, but you can also work with your own. For example, if you’ve bought a professional theme elsewhere, you can start personalizing it on Beaver exploiting the drag and drop editor.

Theme Builder

Beaver also provides a theme builder. It’s a tool that allows you to create templates that you can use for your website.

This is particularly useful if you manage many websites, if you are a developer, and also if you are thinking of selling your templates.

Assistant Pro

Beaver provides premium support. Unfortunately, it’s included in the price only for the first year.

It doesn’t mean that from then on you can’t have access to support: it means that you need to pay for it separately.

However, from the second year on, your fee will decrease by 40%. If you need the Assistant Pro – as they call their support service – you basically keep on paying the same fee as before.

Beaver Builder Review – Get started With It

Using Beaver is extremely easy. These are the initial steps of your web page building journey with Beaver:

  1. Install WordPress on your website.
  2. Go to the WordPress marketplace and search for the Beaver plugin.
  3. Install Beaver on your WordPress by clicking Install.
  4. Now it’s time to purchase your plan: to subscribe provide your data and a payment method. It’s as easy as signing up on Facebook and any other online purchase.
  5. Now you have the credential to access your page builder.
  6. Choose a template. This is the first of the actual building process.
  7. From your template, start personalizing your pages adding text, modules, and more.

This is how you get started Beaver Builder!

Beaver Builder Review – Pros and Cons


  • Libraries – Both the libraries of templates and blocks are very rich. You can find anything you need to customize your website.
  • Always updated – Beaver isn’t only updated regarding its functionality but also its aesthetic. Trends regarding web design are always changing and Beaver is always ready to provide anything you need to build contemporary and modern-looking websites.
  • Theme builder available – This is extremely important for developers. When you need to build one website you can pick among the available ones, but if making websites is your work you need to be able to bring something new to the table. The Theme Builder offers this possibility.


  • Support – The customer and technical support provided by Beaver is high quality. However, we don’t like the fact that from the second year on you need to pay for it separately! 

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Beaver Builder Review – The Final Verdict

Beaver Builder is one of the most reliable page builders on the market. Unlike its competitors, this is actually suitable for professionals as well other than beginners.

It can boost their creativity and bring their work to another level.

Beaver Builder Review: FAQs

Is there any money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all the plans. You have 30 days to decide whether Beaver can work for you or not. If you decide it doesn’t, you can ask for a full refund. You won’t be asked for any explanations.

Can I use Beaver without WordPress?

Absolutely not. Being a WordPress plugin, Beaver Builder can only be used with WordPress.

Can I upgrade my subscription after signing up?

Yes, you can. You can simply go on My Account and pick a different plan for your subscription.

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