10 best website builders Of 2022 – Which one should you choose?

In the present day and age, businesses need to have an online presence. 

A website builder is a platform that allows users to create a website without any prior coding knowledge or design experience. 

Website builders are user-friendly and intuitive, making them perfect for novices and first-time web developers. 

With the help of a website builder, businesses can create a website quickly and easily without spending time and money on a web developer.

Website builders also allow users to create custom websites that are unique and reflect their brand. 

Additionally, website builders are often SEO-friendly, meaning businesses can optimize their websites for better search engine ranking.

In this article, we will look at the top 10 best website builders Of 2022. 

We will also discuss the features of each builder, as well as their respective pros and cons. 

So without further ado, let’s get started!

10 best website builders
10 best website builders

Top 10 Best Website Builder Services

1. Wix — Best Overall


Wix is a user-friendly website builder that provides you with complete creative control over your website. 

Unlike some other builders, it does not compromise power or customization for simplicity; instead, it combines easy drag-and-drop editing capabilities with a plethora of functionality.

Wix’s website builder allows website developers to modify and personalize all aspects of their site without technical experience.

If you’re looking for a cloud-based platform to build your website, Wix is your best option with over 200 million users throughout 190 countries, and it’s clear to understand why.

Overall, Wix is an excellent choice for new business owners, particularly those who want to try their hand at running an online store. 

Even though the e-commerce plans seem expensive, Wix’s prices are competitive.

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Pros and Cons


  • Comes with a free plan
  • Over 900 professional templates
  • Easy to use
  • 24/7 support


  • Limited storageThe free
  • plan displays ads on the website


  • Free: Starts at $0 per month
  • Connect Domain: Starts at $4.50 per month
  • Combo: Starts at $8.50 per month
  • VIP: Starts at $6.25 per month
  • Unlimited: Starts at $12.25 per month

2. Squarespace — Best For Creatives


Squarespace has been in business since 2003 and claims to have built “millions” of websites on its platform. 

It’s one of the obvious prominent players in the website builder business, with a market share equivalent to Wix’s. 

It’s impossible not to like their website’s clean design and strong aesthetics. Whether or not their product is as impressive as their self-promotion is the question.

To begin with, it is not cheap: their most basic no-frills plan begins at $14 a month, and Squarespace is one of the few website builders that do not provide a free version. 

Squarespace’s claim to fame is that it has one of the best blog features of any website builder, just second to WordPress. And more recently, they have been emphasizing their online store. 

The ability to select from their countless, undoubtedly attractive, themes is a significant appeal. They are all smartphone and tablet friendly, with a variety of picture galleries.

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Pros and Cons


  • Modern & stunning designs
  • Numerous apps available
  • Comes with an ecommerce plan for online stores
  • Unlimited storage for all plans


  • Limited integrations
  • No free plan


  • Personal: Starts at $14 per month
  • Business: Starts at $23 per month
  • Basic Commerce: Starts at $27 per month
  • Advanced Commerce: Starts at $49 per month

3. Weebly — Best For Beginners


With 50 million websites built, Weebly flies under the radar compared to Wix, yet it provides some excellent options based on your requirements. 

Weebly is a perfect David to Wix’s Goliath if you want a basic and easy-to-use DIY website editor, a big site (more than 25 to 30 pages), unlimited storage, site mobility, and affordable but robust online store options.

The editor is one of the simplest website builder tools to use, and the minimal learning curve results in visually appealing sites. 

Because of the editor’s simplicity of use, it is more restricted in terms of add-ons and design versatility, and it lacks the array of choices and mobile customization that a builder like Wix offers.

Weebly is a good option for individuals with a low time commitment, and its commerce features outperform competitors, including Wix and Squarespace.

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Pros and Cons


  • Attractive and responsive templates
  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited bandwidth and storage
  • Affordable pricing


  • Limited customization
  • Slow customer service


  • Free: Starts at $0 per month
  • Connect: Starts at $5 per month
  • Pro: Starts at $12 per month
  • Business: Starts at $25 per month

4. Bluehost Website Builder — Best For WordPress

Bluehost Website Builder
Bluehost Website Builder

Bluehost just introduced a website builder built atop of WordPress that includes drag and drop customization, mobile editing, live editing, and a stock image library in order to provide more than simply web hosting.

Because of the WordPress integration, you can design sections of your website using Bluehost’s website builder and other components using WordPress.

The WordPress-friendly website builder also contains over 300 templates, complete WordPress functionality, and custom CSS. 

Bluehost’s website builder is available in three different plans: Basic, Pro, and Online Store.

Bluehost, like its counterparts, adds appealing features to its website building service, such as a free domain for the first year and 24/7 professional assistance.

Bluehost’s website builder not only allows the creation of an unlimited number of websites but also includes templates tailored to specific types of websites and use cases.

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Pros and Cons


  • Ideal for WordPress
  • Extensive template and stock photo library
  • Free SSL
  • Excellent uptime


  • Can’t switch templates
  • No free plan


  • Basic: Starts at $2.95 per month
  • Pro: Starts at $9.95 per month
  • Online Store: Starts at $24.95 per month

5. Jimdo — Best No-Coding Website Builder


Jimdo is a German website builder that has helped users build over 20 million websites. Their motto is ease of use. 

Jimdo also has a strong visual presence, with a wide selection of crisp, customizable templates at its disposal. 

This website builder is ideal for photographers, designers, and anybody else who wants to showcase their portfolio online, thanks to the professional and contemporary layouts offered.

The site also has its own Logo Designer to help people make their business more recognizable. 

All you have to do is enter your company name and choose a starting point for your logo design. Then you personalize your symbol and layout, choose a color and font, and you’re done! 

Your logo is now ready to be used on business cards, your website, and social media pages.

Another handy design element that Jimdo users will love is that the website colors immediately match the colors of an uploaded logo or picture.

This means that garish color clashes are a thing of the past, ideal for businesses where appearance is an integral part of the brand.

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Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Attractive templates
  • Good loading speed
  • Feature-packed free plan


  • Limited SEO options
  • Too simple


  • Play: Starts at $0 per month
  • Start: Starts at $11 per month
  • Grow: Starts at $22 per month
  • Unlimited: Starts at $39 per month

6. GoDaddy Website Builder – Best For Creatives


You may be familiar with GoDaddy for its domains and web hosting services, but they also offer their own website builder. 

GoDaddy Websites + Marketing focuses on just that: providing you with a toolset for building your website as well as managing all of your social media, email marketing, SEO, and blogging.

Their website builder has been updated many times over the years, but the most recent version includes some significant modifications. 

For starters, you may now create a website entirely for free. 

You also get additional tools like a social media content creator, analytics integrated into your website builder, and password-protected webpages.

An appointment planner, email marketing tool, and messaging function are among the other essential add-ons. These are (for the most part) free to use.

However, keep in mind that SEO tools are severely limited on the more affordable plans, and the eCommerce function is only available on their most expensive plan.

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Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful templates
  • Great SEO tools
  • Unlimited storage
  • Good uptime


  • Lacks app store
  • Limited customization options


  • Free: Starts at $0 per month
  • Basic: Starts at $10 per month
  • Standard: Starts at $15 per month
  • Premium: Starts at $20 per month
  • Ecommerce: Starts at $25 per month

7. Shopify – Best For all


If Wix is the obvious pick for most website design needs, Shopify fills the e-commerce shop position. 

The platform provides a straightforward and user-friendly approach to get an online e-commerce store up and running, and it helps company owners with their e-commerce tools along the process. 

Shopify is an excellent place to start for most “e-tailers,” but like Wix, it isn’t suitable for every case.

Like most other commerce-oriented builders, Shopify’s platform is focused on your product and sales information. 

Fortunately for people who don’t have a lot of expertise starting up a retail business, Shopify’s process ensures you don’t skip a critical step by guiding you through customer information, shipping rates & tax, and inventory. 

If you have any more questions, Shopify provides 24-7 phone and chat assistance, as well as an active online community forum.

The primary disadvantage of Shopify is most likely its pricing model. The extra costs are worthwhile if you want support, guidance, and a builder that will handle the majority of the technical details. 

And although the many apps offered are appealing, they may quickly add up if you’re utilizing those BigCommerce add-ons.

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Pros and Cons


  • Offers dropshipping options
  • 24/7 support
  • Offers integrated payment solution
  • Hundreds of designs


  • Expensive
  • Website migration is difficult


  • Basic: Starts at $29 per month
  • Shopify: Starts at $79 per month
  • Advanced: Starts at $299 per month

8. Hostinger’s Zyro – Best Overall

Hostinger’s Zyro
Hostinger’s Zyro

Hostinger’s Zyro stands out for its ease of use – it’s the ideal site builder for individuals or organizations who don’t have much expertise in building their own websites. 

A fantastic drag-and-drop builder makes it simple to choose design elements, and the platform’s innovative AI writer can even write part of the text content for you, possibly saving you hours of effort. Zyro webpages load very quickly after completion.

The site builder interface is similarly simple to use, and creating an account is easy. 

There are more than 150 templates available, which is less than some other providers, but this only plays to Zyro’s strengths in certain ways. 

Instead of having to go through a plethora of designs, the narrower selection of punchy options should allow beginners to speed up the site development process.

Even though Zyro is a relatively young player in the website building field, upgrades and enhancements are being released regularly. 

For the time being, though, Zyro remains a good choice for anybody looking for a basic, simple website builder that provides exceptional uptime, 24/7 support and does not overload with unnecessary features.

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  • Website: Starts at $2.90 per month
  • Business: Starts at $4.90 per month
  • Online Store: Starts at $8.90 per month
  • Advanced Store: Starts at $15.90 per month

9. IONOS MyWebsite – Best For Creatives

IONOS MyWebsite
IONOS MyWebsite

The IONOS MyWebsite builder is mainly designed for companies. 

With that target market in mind, the revamped editor includes convenient features such as industry-specific themes and an online business card designer.

However, where IONOS truly shines is in its theme selection. Inspirational templates are sorted by industry and kind, making it simple to find the ideal style for your website, whether in tourism, real estate, or retail.

Small businesses will also be drawn in by IONOS’ multilingual translation, which can convert a site’s content into 62 different languages.

A site can even support up to 25 distinct languages at any same time. 

This makes IONOS a wonderful option for scalability: when a company grows, this website builder is more than capable of facilitating international expansion.

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Pros and Cons


  • 24/7 customer support
  • Multi-language translations available
  • Excellent loading speed
  • Great bonus features


  • Cheapest plan displays ads on website
  • No free plan


  • Starter: Starts at $1 per month
  • Plus: Starts at $5 per month
  • Pro: Starts at $10 per month

10. Web.com – Best Overall


Web.com, a relative newcomer to the website builder game, has already built a name for itself with its user-friendly interface and over 150 beautifully made templates.

The basic website creation experience relies on a set of modular elements that can be easily dragged and dropped into place. 

If you want to change the appearance of a heading, an icon, a button, or even a text field, Web.com lets you do it by simply dragging it into place.

The interface also supports blocks, which are pre-assembled features such as a full navigation bar that can be placed as required. 

It’s a strong combination of a robust and user-friendly UI. Its website builder also comes with one hour of free website design assistance.

There is also an e-commerce feature available – although with a different plan from the basic package – which allows you to build up an online shop with all the capabilities you’d expect (though it’s not ideal for larger e-commerce operations). 

If you’re just getting started with your e-commerce website, Web.com’s starter package is $3.95 per month and allows you to sell up to 500 items.

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Pros and Cons


  • User friendly
  • Excellent customer support
  • Affordable pricing
  • Attractive templates


  • No money-back guarantee
  • Not ideal for eCommerce


  • Starter: Starts at $10 per month
  • Marketing: Starts at $15 per month
  • eCommerce: Starts at $20 per month


Website builders are a great option for small businesses to build an online presence. 

The 10 best website builder services we’ve listed should help those who want more information decide which one is right for them and their company.

It’s worth noting that there is no “best” answer when it comes to website builders, as the best one for you will largely depend on your own needs and preferences. 

However, each of these services offers a great set of features that make them worth considering.