The Best WordPress Popup Plugin — Our Top 5 Picks!

Popups are a great way to engage your visitors and keep them coming back to your site. 

Not only do popups help build your email list, but they can also provide valuable information about your visitors — like their interests and preferences — so you can create a better experience for them over time.

But with so many WordPress popup plugins available, how do you know which one is the best?

In this post, we’ll take a look at our top five picks for WordPress popup plugins. 

Whether you’re just getting started with popups or looking to upgrade your current setup, there’s sure to be something here that will meet your needs!

The 5 Best WordPress Popup Plugins
The 5 Best WordPress Popup Plugins

What Is A WordPress Popup Plugin?

A WordPress popup plugin is a software program that allows website owners to create popups on their websites. 

These popups can be used to promote products or services, collect email addresses, or provide information about the website. 

There are a number of different WordPress popup plugins available, and each has its own set of features. You need to choose a plugin that meets the needs of your website.

Some WordPress popup plugins allow you to create custom popups, while others provide a library of pre-made popups. 

Some plugins allow you to target specific pages or posts on your website, while others allow you to show a popup to all visitors. 

You can also choose a plugin that displays a popup based on the time of day or how long a visitor has been on your website. 

Now that you know what a WordPress popup plugin is and what it can do, let’s take a look at our top five picks.

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The 5 Best WordPress Popup Plugins

1. OptinMonster — Best Overall

OptinMonster is the most popular direct marketing software on the market. It makes it easy to convert visitors to subscribers and consumers on your website.

OptinMonster has the most extensive set of targeting and personalization tools, as well as a robust WordPress popup builder. It enables you to sell like a pro by maximizing your conversion potential.

This plugin has the most comprehensive set of targeting and personalization tools available.

Popups, floating bars, full-screen welcoming mats, scrolling boxes, and other campaigns are all available once you install and activate this plugin.

How To Use Optinmonster

After you have installed and activated the plugin, go to the OptinMonster plugin menu in the sidebar. 

From there, choose one of six Campaign Options and click “Create New” to start creating a new campaign. Then, look through the Templates that are available for that Campaign Type.

By setting the Device Targeting filter on a Pro or Growth subscription, you may also choose templates made exclusively for mobile devices.

By clicking over a template and choosing “Preview”, you can see a preview of it. Select “Use template” once you’ve selected a template you like. 

Click “Start Building” and give your campaign a name. After you close the campaign, you’ll be brought to the Output Options for this campaign in the OptinMonster for WordPress plugin.

You’re ready to publish the campaign live to your website once you’ve finished configuring your “Output Settings.” 

Choose who should view the campaign under Accessibility and Status. Then switch the status from Draft to Published and save changes with the green “Save Changes” option.

2. Hubspot — Best Free WordPress Popup Plugin

HubSpot, best known for its customer relationship management software, also offers a free WordPress plugin that makes it simple to add popups to your site.

Several other forms of popups, such as drop-down banners or slide-in boxes, can be created using this plugin. 

The popups are also completely customizable, with no need for coding, allowing you to determine how they appear, when they appear, or who sees them, among other options.

When someone completes your popup form, their data is automatically entered into the Hubspot CRM that is included with the plugin. 

This way, you’ll be able to handle your contacts, separate them into lists, and conduct follow-up emails much more efficiently.

In addition, you can see analytics to keep records of how well your popups are working overtime.

How To Use Hubspot

The first step, as is for every other plugin, is to install it on your WordPress website and activate it. 

After that, log in to your Hubspot account to complete the setup process. If you don’t already have a HubSpot account, you’ll be requested to sign up for a new one during the installation process. 

Once the setup process is complete, you can build forms, keep track of new contacts, and create lists using the plugin right from your WordPress dashboard.

3. Elementor Pro — Best For Eye-Catching Popups

Elementor Pro is one of the most well-known WordPress website builders, but it also works as a popup plugin since it comes with several targeting options. 

For example, you can set a popup to appear after a specific number of page views or after a specified number of client interactions. 

You may even control popups based on the device that a user is using.

Popups are triggered by various behaviors, including scrolling, clicking, page loading, passivity, and the intent to leave the site. 

You can choose to display certain popups on posts that contain specific tags, authors, or categories. This plugin also allows you to integrate with WooCommerce.

Users that are logged in can also have popups hidden from them. So you won’t be asking for an email address that has already been included in your subscriber list, which will save you time.

How To Use Elementor Pro

Make sure that you have installed and activated Elementor Pro before getting started with the setup process.

Popups are created in Elementor in the same way that any other type of template is.

Go to Templates > Popups > Add New in the WordPress dashboard. Now, give your template a name and click the ‘Create Template’ button.

The window with the popup templates will then appear. There are over a hundred pre-designed popup templates to pick from. Alternatively, you can create your own design.

Advanced targeting and triggers can be configured as easily as flipping a switch. When you hit the publish button, the Publish Settings window will appear.

In this section, you can specify the conditions under which the popup will appear across the website.

That’s it! Hit the publish button to see your live page. Now, triggering an action should open the popup.

4. Layered Popups Plugin — Best Advanced Popup Plugin

The Layered Popups plugin, as the name implies, allows you to create popups that are composed of several layers.

As a result, they enable you to layer photos on top of each other. This opens the door to some incredibly unique and compelling visuals to be created.

Who should use this plugin? Anyone who wants to set up website popups that are everything but dull and who wants to stand out from the competition. 

This plugin is also an excellent option for anyone who isn’t afraid to get a little creative with their layouts or who has extremely specific requirements for their designs.

Users can create and modify the design of these popups using a visual editor provided by this plugin. 

Layered Popups also provide several other display settings to choose from.

How To Use Layered Popups Plugin

You’ll see a ‘Layered Popups’ section in the top left column of the admin area after you install and activate the plugin. 

Go to Layered Popups > Settings and configure the on-page-load and on-exit-intent event handlers as necessary.

Select the ‘Layered popups’ tab from the left-hand menu and then the ‘New popup’ tab from the right-hand menu. 

This is the section where you will configure the parameters of the popup that you wish to make. 

After giving the popup a name, you may specify its basic attributes, such as its size, position, and color.

5. Pop Builder — Most Customizable Plugin

Popup Builder is a WordPress popup plugin that is both responsive and customizable. 

This plugin allows you to modify and tailor your popup to the people who are viewing it. 

As an example, you might select to only show the popup once someone has scrolled all the way down the page. You can also create a WordPress popup that appears when a button is clicked. 

There are both free and premium versions of this popup plugin available for download.

Advanced features such as adding video and displaying exit popups will require you to upgrade your account.

How To Use Popup Builder

You’ll be able to see the Popup Builder plugin on the Slider page of your website after you have installed and activated it.

Go to the Popup Builder settings and select the cookie type that best suits your needs. 

Once you’ve selected your cookie type, you can specify the cookie time (the amount of time till the cookie expires, and the popup will appear again for that user).

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Popup plugins for WordPress allow website owners to display compelling messages in a non-intrusive way. 

In this article, we’ve looked at our top five picks for plugins that allow you to create and customize your popups as easily as possible. 

Ultimately, the best popup plugin for your website will depend on your individual needs and preferences.


Are free popup plugins as effective as premium ones?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the features and capabilities of each plugin. 

However, in general, free popup plugins may be less robust than their paid counterparts, so you will likely get better results from a premium plugin.

How do I choose which WordPress popup plugin is right for me?

As with any plugin, it is important to consider your individual needs and preferences before making a decision. 

Think about what you want your popup to achieve, and look for a plugin that offers the features and customization options that will help you to achieve your goals.

Should I use more than one popup plugin on my website?

In most cases, it is not necessary to use more than one popup plugin on your WordPress website. 

However, if you do find that you need multiple popups for different purposes, you can always try using different plugins and compare the results to find the best option for your needs.

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