Brizy Review 2022 – is Brizy A Scam?

Despite WordPress being the most utilized Content Management System in the world, it isn’t the only one.

However, many software and plugin developers focus on that platform.

The result is that if you use WordPress you have tons of plugins to choose from. But if you don’t want to use it? Do you have to renounce them?

In this Brizy Review, we’d like to discuss one of the few website builders, Brizy, that is available for both WordPress users and others.

As we are about to discover, Brizy offers two options of use and this is only one of the many reasons why it’s considered an excellent website builder.

Are you ready to find out anything you need about this tool? Keep on reading our Brizy review!

Brizy Review
Brizy Review


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Brizy – What is Brizy?

Brizy - What is Brizy?
Brizy – What is Brizy?

As we’ve already mentioned, Brizy is a website builder. It allows you to create your homepage, menus, and web pages with a simple drag and drop system.

With Brizy, you can start from a black space or a template, and then start adding elements that you can pick from a provided list.

You can drag and drop these elements where you want them on the web page, and you can customize them as you wish. This makes the process of web designing a lot easier.

It’s useful for beginners – who could design a website otherwise – but it’s also useful for professionals because it can ease the workflow and make it quicker.

Brizy is both a WordPress plugin and an independent tool and hosting service.

Brizy as a WordPress plugin

If you are already using WordPress as your Content Management System, or you’re planning to use it, you can find Brizy in the WordPress plugin marketplace.

You can simply install it (installing plugins on WordPress is extremely simple) and start using it.

Brizy Cloud

If you don’t use WordPress but you still need a website builder, you can create your website directly on Brizy Cloud.

Brizy Cloud is Brizy’s hosting provider: you can purchase your web hosting service there and you’ll get a Brizy platform where you can start creating your website.

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Brizy – Why choose it?

If you need to build a website, whether it’s just a hobby or you need it for your business, a page builder is one of the most important tools you are going to need.

Brizy, in particular, is extremely easy to use and can ease the building process a lot.

Furthermore, building a website is never a process that you do it once and you can forget about it.

You always need to update content, adapt your web pages according to the market, change little things, publish information, and more.

Brizy is a tool that allows you to take care of your website in an easy and quick way. It’s not only suitable for amateurs or beginners but even for professionals.

Brizy – Plans and Pricing

Brizy - Plans and Pricing
Brizy – Plans and Pricing

Brizy offers tons of different plans. It can be a mess at the beginning because you don’t know what to choose: however, such a wide availability of plans allows you to get one that is customized to your need so that you end up paying for exactly what you need and anything more.

The availability of many plans also makes Brizy very scalable.

Brizy for WordPress

Here you have two options: you can pay a yearly fee, or you can pay once and only once.

Of course, choosing the lifetime plan means paying a higher fee at the beginning, but you’ll never ask for another dollar again. In the long term, the yearly plan is more expensive.

One-time payment

  • Personal Plan: it’s for one website and it costs €139
  • Freelancer Plan: it’s for 100 websites and it costs €279;
  • Agency Plan: it’s for 500 websites and it costs €299;
  • Free Forever: this is a free version for Brizy. It provides only basic functionalities but it can still be suitable for beginners bloggers or amateurs.

Yearly Plan

If you, instead opt for the Yearly plan, you’ll pay:

  • Personal: €45 per year
  • Freelancer: €89 per year
  • Agency: €179 per year

Brizy Cloud

These are the plans available if you opt for Brizy Cloud:

  • Personal: it’s for 1 hosted site on your domain and it costs €69 per year or €8 per month;
  • Freelancer: it’s for 20 hosted sites and it costs €279 per year or €26 per month;
  • Agency: it’s for 100 hosted sites and it costs €449 per year or €45 per month;
  • Free Forever: you have limited hosting and functionalities.

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Brizy – Main Features

Whether you opt for the WordPress or Brizy Cloud solution, the page builder will offer you the following features:

  • Drag and Drop Builder: this is the essence of this page builder.
  • Real-Time Preview: you can see what you are doing at any time with a live time preview.
  • Templates: Brizy provides hundreds of professional templates you can pick from.
  • Popup Templates: Brizy also provides templates that you can use to create professional-looking popups for your website.
  • Header & Footer Builder: with Brizy you can take care with particular attention of your headers and footers thanks to the specific builder.
  • Marketing Integrations: Brizy provides tons of integrations with all the most popular marketing tools. This way, you don’t have to pass from one platform to another when you set up your marketing strategies or monitor them.

Brizy – Get Started with Brizy

Starting to use Brizy is extremely simple. You have two options whether you are using WordPress or Brizy Cloud.

WordPress Users

If you already have installed WordPress on your website, just visit the marketplace, search for Brizy – Page Builder, and click on Install.

Now you can start creating your website in a few simple steps:

  1. Choose a Template: the first thing you’ll need to do is choose a template. It’ll give a professional look to your website, and it’ll be the common base for your homepage and web pages so that your entire website has a consistent appearance.
  2. Add Elements: elements are all the things you want to put on your web page (a title, a button, a menu, an image, and so on…). To add elements, you can simply drag and drop them from the provided list to your page.
  3. Customize your Elements: now it’s time to customize your elements. You can pick a shape, dimension, color, text, and – more importantly – function.
  4. Add New Pages: of course, you can add more pages, link them to one another and create your full website structure.

Brizy Cloud

Creating a website with Brizy Cloud is just the same as creating it with the WordPress plugin.

The only thing that changes, however, is how you can subscribe to the service. This is how you start using Brizy Cloud:

  1. Go to the Brizy Official Website;
  2. Click on Get Started Now;
  3. Pick a Plan and subscribe to the service;
  4. When the purchasing process is complete, you are provided with a web page-building platform that you can use just like we’ve described above.

Brizy – Pros and Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface – Brizy offers a user-friendly interface. It’s a platform that even beginners can learn how to use in a few hours.
  • Innovative features – The header and footer builder is just an example of Brizy’s innovative features.
  • Availability of the Lifetime plan – The lifetime plan allows you to save tons of money in the long term
  • Professional templates – All page builders offer templates, but Brizy’s are known for being particularly well-made.


  • Not suitable for e-commerce – Brizy isn’t suitable for e-commerce. It doesn’t provide the possibility of managing sales, payments, and many other things that are fundamental for e-commerce.

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Brizy – final verdicts

Brizy is one of the most advanced page builders you can find out there. The fact that you can use it with or without WordPress makes it suitable for almost anyone.

The only reason for not choosing it as your page builder is whether you need to build an eCommerce site.

Brizy – FAQs

Can I Use The Brizy Free Version Forever?

Yes, the Free Version is limited but it’ll be available forever; that is, it is not a trial that will end up in a month or so. You can exploit Brizy for free if you don’t need any advanced features.

Can I Migrate My Website To Brizy?

If you opt for Brizy Cloud but you are already hosting your website elsewhere, you can migrate it to Brizy Cloud.

Does Brizy Provide Any Kind Of Support?

Brizy provides tons of support: you can reach them through a live chat, by email, or visit their help Center.

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