Divi Builder Review 2022

We can’t begin our Divi Builder Review without speaking about Elegant Themes.

It is the designer of all the most popular themes for WordPress and it is also the creator of Divi, one of the most popular themes in and outside the platform.

Divi isn’t only well-known: it is also very versatile and has helped a lot of beginners and professionals build a visually engaging website in the most simple way.

However, many users don’t know that Divi is more than a simple web page builder: it is also a theme builder and this makes this tool even more important for developers.

In this review, however, we’ll focus on Divi Builder, but we’re going to explain between the Divi Builder and Divi Theme.

Are you ready to know why Divi is considered so exceptional? Keep on reading our Divi Builder Review.

Divi Builder Review
Divi Builder Review


Website BuilderDivi Builder
Best forWeb page and Theme
Price$89 for one year
Promo CodeNA
WebsiteClick Here

Divi Builder – What is It?

Divi Builder - What is It?
Divi Builder – What is It?

Why do we need to specify that we’re talking about Divi Builder, and we can’t simply refer to it as “Divi”?

As we’ve mentioned, Divi is two things:

  • Divi Theme: this is a theme builder. It’s a tool that you can use to build your own theme. You can do whatever you want with these themes. You can use it for your website or websites, but in most cases, they are sold or created for clients. Divi Theme, therefore, is in the interest of professional developers.
  • Divi Builder: this is the web page builder and here in this Divi Builder review we are focusing on this. This is a web page creator that allows you to customize the standard Divi theme to make it suitable for your website and pages.

It’s important to know that Divi Builder is a WordPress plugin. Why is it so important to know this?

Because it means that you can only use Divi if you are also using WordPress as your Content Management System.

You don’t have to think of plugins as small additional features or extensions.

Sometimes, just like in this case, they can be complex and advanced software tools that are essential for the creation of your website.

WordPress plugins are one of the reasons why WordPress is so widely used by developers all around the world. 

Finally, we need to specify that Divi is both a theme and a page builder.

So, you will be provided with a base for your website that you can customize by using the page builder that comes with it.

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Divi Builder – Why Choose It?

If you are choosing Divi as your web page builder you are certainly not alone.

This doesn’t mean, however, that your website will end up looking identical to other thousands of websites that used Divi as their base for web design.

One of Divi’s main fortes is that it’s extremely versatile and you can customize it however you want.

The results are all different and what remains constant is only the quality of them.

Being so well-known, if you use Divi you can count on a big online community: you can find tons of tutorials, FAQs, support by other users, and more.

Very often, simple research online can answer your doubts because your questions have already been made.

Finally, Divi is ideal for both developers and amateurs. Amateurs have the chance of using professional features in an easy way.

Developers can obtain very advanced results with minimum effort and they also have the Theme BUilder at their disposal.

Divi Builder Plans and Pricing

Divi Builder Plans and Pricing
Divi Builder Plans and Pricing

If you want to purchase the Divi Builder, you need to go on the Elegant Theme website.

All other Divi websites are fake: Divi is made and sold by Elegant Themes and is one of their products (alongside Monarch, Bloom, and others).

Here, you can choose between two plans: the Yearly Access and the Lifetime Access. They offer the same features:

  • Access to Divi and the other Elegant Themes products (Extra, Bloom, and Monarch);
  • Hundreds of packs (different templates for the Divi theme);
  • Unlimited website usage.

What changes between the two plans is the availability of support and updates.

Yearly Access

With this plan, you are asked to pay once every year a price of $89.

With this plan, you’ll get access to premium support and product updates (within the year you’ve paid… if you do not renew your subscription, you can’t have access to updates or support).

Lifetime Access

With this plan, you only need to pay once. The price is set at $ 249. With this first and only payment, you get access to Divi BUilder forever, plus you’ll have lifetime support and also lifetime updates.

Divi Builder Main Features

Pre-made templates

With Divi, you can get access to hundreds of pre-made blocks.

Blocks are sort of templates for all the elements you’ll need in your web pages that you can customize as you wish.

Divi Leads

The Divi Leads feature lets you optimize your content to increase your conversion rate.


You can use your layouts on more than one WordPress website.

Ease of Use

This is probably the main reason why Divi is being so successful: it is extremely user-friendly.

The drag-and-drop editor makes web design possible for anyone, even those who have zero previous experience in the field.

Professionals also find this type of editor to be the most efficient. It makes your work easier and quicker.

Deep customization

Even though it offers you pre-made templates and themes, Divi leaves web designers full creative control: you can edit templates – and your website – in any way you like. Divi puts no limit to your creativity.

Access to other Elegant Themes tool

Purchasing Divi you also get access to:

  • EXTRA: a powerful tool for bloggers and visual page builders.
  • BLOOM: a plugin to manage email marketing and aimed at lead generation
  • MONARCH: a tool that helps you create and integrate social media sharing plugins for WordPress.

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Divi Builder – Get Started With It

How can you get started with Divi?

You need two things: install the Divi plugin on WordPress and purchase the service on the Elegant Themes website.

How to install Divi on WordPress

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Enter the WordPress marketplace
  3. Search for Divi and make sure you pick the Divi Builder (not the Divi Theme)
  4. Click on Install

Now you can use Divi on your WordPress website. However, you also need to pay for the service. 

How to subscribe to Divi Builder

  1. Go on the Elegant Themes website. Many users search for a Divi website that doesn’t exist. You need to search for the Elegant Themes one or click here.
  2. Pick one of the two available plans and click on Sign Up Today
  3. Now you are asked to provide some data
  4. Make the payment 

Now you are ready to exploit Divi’s full potential on your website!

Divi Builder Pros and Cons

Divi Builder Review: Pros

  • Versatility

Divi is the most versatile Page Builder available. It is suitable for professionals and beginners and it’s one tool to create as many different solutions as you can imagine.

  • Lifetime payment option

Many users hate subscriptions because they force you to keep on paying forever. The possibility of paying a higher fee but only once is ideal for developers and anyone who wants to manage their website or websites for the long term.

  • Responsiveness

Divi is very responsive: you rarely of lags or issues while using the platform

  • Additional tools

The possibility of getting access to the other Elegant Themes tool enriches their offer.

Divi Builder Review: Cons

  • Lack of Popup Builder

Divi allows you to do many things but it doesn’t have a Popup builder.

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Divi Builder – The Final Verdict

Divi is one of the most advanced and yet easy-to-use page builders available. It’s not by chance that it is one of the most used tools in the entire world.

Divi and WordPress can be anything you need to create your professional website. 

Divi Page Builder FAQs

Is there any money-back guarantee on the purchase?

Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee. You have 30 days to test the platform and the theme.

If it doesn’t work for you, you can ask and obtain a full refund. No explanations are asked.

Can I use Divi without WordPress?

No, you can’t, because Divi is a WordPress plugin. You can only use Divi if WordPress is your CMS, and if you want to use Divi you need to pick WordPress as your CMS or migrate your website to it.

Can I use Divi on a website that is not hosted on WordPress.com?

Yes, you can. What matters is that WordPress is installed on your website, no matter where it is hosted. 

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