SeedProd Review 2022

Professional landing pages are vital for the success of an online business or campaign.

In this article we are providing you with A SeedProd review: we are digging deep into the details of a high-end landing page builder that can be suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Landing pages are the web page where users land after they click on a link.

They are usually aimed at precise goals: sales, subscriptions, promotions, discounts… and they need to catch the user’s attention.

They are often colored and catchy, but they are also clear and clearly designed.

It’s important that they have a professional look: they’ll transmit a message for your entire company or brand.

This is why it’s important to rely on a professional landing page builder such as SeedProd.

Are you ready to find out if this is a suitable tool for you? Keep on reading our SeedProd review.

SeedProd Review
SeedProd Review


Website BuilderSeedProd
Best forWeb page and Theme
PriceBasic plan costs $31.60 per year
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WebsiteClick Here

SeedProd Review – What is SeedProd?

SeedProd Review - What is SeedProd?
SeedProd Review – What is SeedProd

As we’ve mentioned in the introduction, SeedProd is a landing page builder. It lets you create professional-looking landing pages even if you have zero experience.

It works through a drag and drop system and templates. You can customize the provided templates by dragging and dropping elements, changing their shape and color, and more…

The most important thing to know about SeedProd is, however, that it is a WordPress plugin. As you certainly already know, WordPress is a Content Management System for websites.

WordPress also has a marketplace with many available plugins. Plugins are additional features that you can add to the basic WordPress functionalities so that it can become a customized platform according to your needs.

Some of these plugins are more than simple additional features: they are real software that allows you to do particular things.

In this case, SpeedProd is a WordPress plugin designed to allow users to create professional landing pages.

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SeedProd Review – Why Choose It?

If you are using WordPress as your Content Management System (CMS) for your website, then you should give SeedProd a chance.

If you are a beginner or an amateur, it can bring your landing pages to another level, making them look like they were designed by a professional designer.

If you are a professional because it could make your work way easier and quicker.

SeedProd Review – Plans and Pricing

SeedProd Review - Plans and Pricing
SeedProd Review – Plans and Pricing

SeedProd doesn’t come for free. On the contrary, the company offers four different plans that you get paying a yearly fee.

These are the available plans:

  • Basic: This plan costs $31.60 per year. It can be used for one website and it provides 50 Pro templates
  • Plus: it costs $ 79.60 and it can be used for up to three websites. It provides 100 Pro templates
  • Pro: it costs $ 159.60 and can be used for up to 5 websites. You have 150 Pro Templates and you can also create your own themes (there is a Theme builder).
  • Elite: it costs $ 239.60 per year and you can use it with an unlimited number of websites. There are 150 Pro templates included and you also get access to the theme builder.

All these plans come with a 14-day money-back guarantee: if within 14 days, you realize that this plugin can’t work for you, you can ask for a full refund without providing any explanation.

SeedProd Review – Main Features

Drag & Drop Visual Builder

The visual builder makes it easy for anyone to create landing pages.

You can customize the provided templates or build or own with a simple drag and drop of elements around the page.

Being a visual builder you can see what you are doing in real-time.


Templates are important to create professional-looking landing pages.

Unless you are an expert graphic designer, it’s impossible to obtain the same level of quality without a template.

Color Palettes

To make sure you match colors properly, SeedProd provides color palettes.

Page Block

SeedProd provides you with Page blocks specifically designed to create conversions.

WooCommerce Blocks

There are also custom WooCommerce blocks available. You can create custom cart pages, checkout pages, and more.

1-click page models

You can create 1-click page models. These are set-up landing pages that you can upload to your website with one click.

Login pages

There are tons of models that you can use to create custom login pages.

Email Marketing Integrations

SeedProd is well integrated with a lot of other tools like Aweber, ConvertKit, and more. All the major email marketing tools are supported.


SeedProd is a WordPress plugin and can be used with any WordPress theme.

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SeedProd Review – Getting Started

If you’ve decided to give SeedProd Landing Page Builder a try, you should know that starting to use it is extremely easy.

Of course, you need to have WordPress already installed on your website. From there, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go on the WordPress marketplace and type SeedProd on the search bar. Once you find it, just click on install it. 
  2. Before you can actually use SeedProd, you’ll need to purchase the service. To do that, go on the SeedProd Website, pick your plan and click on Get Started. Provide all your data and finish the payment.
  3. Now, you can enter your credential on the SeedProd plugin and start creating landing pages.

Creating landing pages with SeedProd is extremely easy. This is the basic process:

  1. Pick a Template. There are tons of templates available: pick the one that is most suitable for the goal you’re pursuing with your landing page or overall campaign.
  2. Customize your Landing Page. Now it’s time to personalize text and elements. You can also change colors, shapes, and dimensions. However, if you want to keep the professional look, try not to get too far from the initial templates.
  3. Save and Publish your landing page on your website. 

SeedProd Review – Pros and Cons

SeedProd Review Pros

Ease of use

SeedProd is extremely easy to use and this stands for every operation and feature: from the installation to the creation of professional landing pages.

Professional templates

The presence of templates is important, but you should also take a look at their quality when you pick your tools.

In this case, there are tons of templates available and they all share the same level of professional design.

Templates for every goal

Other than putting professional templates at your disposal, SeedProd created themes customized for different purposes.

Whether your strategy is aimed at conversion, sales, subscriptions… you can find a template that is specifically created for that specific goal.


SeedPro provides support through their Support Page. There is also a lot of documentation available through which you can learn anything you need about the platform and the use you can make of landing pages.

SeedProd Review: Cons

Only available for website sites

As we’ve mentioned many times, SeedProd is a WordPress plugin. If WordPress isn’t your Content Management System, you can’t use this lead page builder.

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SeedProd Review – The Final Verdict

SeedProd can work for any user, beginner or professional. The only determinant aspect is whether or not you use WordPress to manage your website.

SeedProd Review – FAQs

Is there any free version of SeedProd?

There isn’t any free version of SpeedProd. However, you can still test the tool during the first 14 days of your subscription. If you don’t like it, you can ask and obtain a full refund.

Can I use SeedProd without WordPress?

Unfortunately, only WordPress can use SeedProd. It’s a WordPress plugin and there is no way of accessing the platform if not from WordPress.

Therefore, if you don’t use WordPress you also need to renounce SeedProd.

However, WordPress is considered the best Content Management System available at the moment and it’s also free… so, think about migrating your website to WordPress and you’ll be able to exploit SeedProd and many other plugins.

Can SeedProd work on WordPress websites, even though they are not hosted on

Of course, it can! The WordPress CMS and are two completely different things even though they share the same name and company.

The first is a free CMS that you can install on your website no matter where it is hosted. is a web hosting platform where you can purchase some server space for your website but that’s not mandatory!

You can install WordPress even if you are using another web hosting provider!

That said, of course, you can use SeedProd on a website that is not hosted on; what matters is that WordPress is installed on your website as your Content Management System.

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